Your website deserves to be as well written as it is designed. Your copy needs a standout personality. It must be simple to navigate. And it must optimise searches. Is it a science, or an art? I think it’s a little of both.

Beyond Events

‘Elegant, intelligent and irresistible’ that was Beyond Events’ brief. As one of London’s most dynamic event companies they combine creative flair with business know-how. They needed a simple, inexpensive and functional website with massive cut though. The solution was a combination of pared back, incisive and characterful copy, matched by a cool, sophisticated visual identity that reinforced their passion to deliver more Intelligent Events.


The Ipendo platform comprises a range of powerful web-based tools that offer companies total control of their IP assets. A total copy and design overhaul of their brand, from collateral material to their website, was based on a new theme line of “The world talks IP with Ipendo”. This new positioning played its part in securing a multi-million pound buy out deal for the company in less than 18 months.